Logistic Solutions

Freight Bill Audit, Payment and Analysis

The transportation services industry is divided. There are large companies who have a great depth of products yet lack customer service. On the other side there are the smaller companies who are more accessible, but lack service capabilities to fill your needs.

D&D Solutions combines large company capabilities with a small company culture and service to provide the finest in freight bill audit and payment services. D&D Solutions is able to offer complete transportation spend management solutions powered by your data and backed up by our superior processes and data warehouse.

  • Pre & Post Audit Services
    - Multi Modal Rates
    - Fully Automated
    - Visible to our clients through technology
  • Payment & Processing
    - Payment according to terms
    - On time at the right time!
    - Full EDI capabilities
    - Immediate client visibility
  • Customized reporting solutions
    - Hard copy
    - Electronic formats
    - Web based reporting
    - Dashboards



  • Industry Leading Employee to Client Ratio.
  • State of the art technology